How long a resume should be?

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«The perfect resume”is a perfect mystery, since there are so many different options for what exactly makes it” perfect. ”

Writing about yourself is always difficult, because we are all too modest, and we don’t want to tell other people how “cool” we are, because we are afraid to seem arrogant. And, based on all this, I already have the first tip for you: forget about your insecurity. This is your chance to show a potential employer how competent, confident and willing you are to work – there is no place for modesty! Be loud and proud.

Now there are a lot of people looking for a job, so I want to offer you some tips on creating a resume:

1. The two-page rule. How long a resume should be?

“How long a resume should be?” If I were paid at least one penny every time I hear this question … Someone says that it should be one page, the other two or three. I vote for two. I believe that this is quite enough for presenting relevant information (without “water”). A resume on one page may look impressive, but in that case, it seems to me that something is missing in it (I know that I could not have put everything on one page)!

2. Be unique

You are unique, and remember this while writing your resume. I am already fed up with those documents in which there is neither color nor personality. I’m not saying that I want to know how many dogs you have, and what kind of chocolate you like, but if you tell us about how you live your business, then I can believe that you really want to get this job – and this will help me make a hiring decision.

Boring, monotonous resumes do not cause any interest, and they are automatically sent to the “see them later” -stop. Be yourself and add a little fun – and I guarantee you that you can interest a potential employer.

3. Adapt it!

This is the holy grail of resume rules. There is nothing worse than reading “standard” resume. This “pray and spray” strategy will never work. A faceless resume often only disappoints employers.

It is very important to adapt your resume for each position for which you are applying. There are no similar jobs, so why should your resume be the same? And it is always visible when the candidate simply sends his resume (“and suddenly gets lucky”), without examining either the position or the company.